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transaction management

from the time an offer is accepted, to contingency timelines, all the way to closing, renée can assist you with managing the transaction towards the smoothest possible process.  below are just of few of the tasks that can be organized on the broker’s behalf:


Mutual Acceptance

  • Submit Paperwork to Brokerage, Lender and Escrow
  • Secure Earnest Money
  • Prepare Earnest Money Deposit Receipt
  • Create Deadline Calendar
  • Lender Status Checks
  • Schedule Home and Sewer Scope Inspections
  • Attend Inspections
  • Negotiate Inspection Outcome
  • Submit Inspection Paperwork
  • Install Sold Strip
  • Prepare Buyer’s Resources
  • Request Utility Contacts
  • Schedule Key Transfer
  • Schedule Closing
  • Attend Closing
  • Send “Just Sold” Announcement Email
  • Schedule Key Exchange
  • Update MoxiWorks Contact Profile
  • Mail “Just Moved” Postcards
  • Mail Thank You Notes
  • Solicit Testimonials
  • Order and Deliver Closing Gift
  • Schedule 12-Month Follow Up