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Seattle EventsUncategorizedWREN graphics February 23, 2017

I’m Not Just My Day Job

I am not just my day job. I don’t always sit in front of a computer creating logos, flyers and editing photo galleries for real estate. I don’t always show houses to clients, arrange for home and sewer scope inspections or coordinate paperwork with lenders, escrow and title companies for real estate transactions. In my free time, I am a creative. I paint… I draw… I carve rocks!

NWSSA booth at the Flower & Garden Show

So, I’m playing hooky from my day job today! (Thursday, February 23, 2017) I will be spending the day hosting the Northwest Stone Sculptor’s Association (NWSSA) booth at The NW Flower & Garden Show. This event is aways amazing… There are hundreds of garden displays, seminars and vendors to peruse.

The NWSSA is a group that I love – amazingly gifted artists who share my passion for carving rocks. I’m currently their “virtual assistant” helping out with design, marketing, website updates & cultivating social media.

So if you happen to be at the Flower & Garden Show at the Convention Center in Downtown Seattle, stop by booth #2502. I’ll be there Thursday & Friday afternoon, however, I encourage you to stop by, consider making a sculpture the focal point of your garden or pick up a chisel & hammer and chip away at our demo sculpture in progress!

For more information, visit Garden Show