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Uhhgg. My birthday is coming up and I have less than a month to whittle away clock hours to renew my real estate license in addition to renewing my driver's license, passport and car tabs. 

Every other year, real estate brokers are required by the State Department of Licensing to fulfill 30 hours of required continuing education – otherwise known as clock hours. We are required to refresh our knowledge on the ethics of real estate and core curriculum covering updates and changes in contracts and real estate law so we can represent our buyers and sellers ethically, correctly and professionally.

The rest of the clock hours are elective. And it can be oh, so hard to find interesting courses to take. You know me, I'm a creative. Math, statistics, and financial statements make my eyes gloss over after 15 mintues, No way can I deal with 15 hours of spreadsheets & formulas! And I've taken several financial, short sales/foreclosure, credit and contract courses before. So I look for new courses that pertain to what I actually do in the real estate industry – Marketing. And this part of real estate is constantly evolving as new technology is just at the fingertips of our smartphones and iPads!

I do have to say that Windermere has grasped that technology is what brokers need to know to do our jobs better and more effieciently. I am pleased to see the availability of more classes built around the iPad and Paperless Transactions. The online tools and apps we use are more adaptive, updates and changes happen quickly and it is so refreshing to learn new tips or finding out that something that we've had to create a work-around for is now available within the programs we use. 

By targeting my elective education courses, I not only fulfill my license renewal requirements, but also find inspiration by how other brokers have taken these tools to create custom content to connect with their clients on a personal level to build success into their business.

I know I am benefitting by the annual boost of putting some thought into how I can best educate and prepare myself for today’s real estate market. I feel refreshed and re-inspired to give a needed energy to my business success while supporting my realtor clients with their buyers and sellers!